All About Kids and Brain Health – Juicing For Healthy Kids and Brain Health

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Kids and brain health should be a priority. Our children are facing an alarming number of childhood illnesses. One in five kids has diabetes, and one in eight develops allergies. It’s not only diabetes and allergies that cause diminished brain function – environmental toxins, poor nutrition, undernutrition, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep can also lead to poorer concentration and memory. That’s why it’s so essential for kids and adults alike to focus on brain fitness and nutrition to keep our minds as healthy as possible.

Organic Foods offers tons of benefits for your kids and brain health. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are full of good antioxidants for the brain, helping them ward off depression, anxiety and fatigue later in life. Organic juices are also packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and omega fatty acids, which are brain boosters. Plus, organic juices have no added sugar and zero calories, so they’re an excellent choice for parents with kids. Try to find organic juices sold locally as well as online and at farmer’s markets.

Another way to keep kids healthy is to get plenty of fruit and vegetable servings. Eating healthy food is the best thing you can do for your kids – but it’s so hard to get them to eat healthy food. All too often, we are satisfied with fast food or frozen dinners and snacks. If you cook meals at home for your family, take them out for lunch instead of leaving them at home alone to eat junk food.

Make juice a part of your kids’ healthy food intake. Juices are packed with nutrients, especially when juicing fresh from the store. Most juices are made with vegetable juices, like cucumber and carrot. But organic groceries and farmer’s markets may carry organic juices made with apples, grapes, oranges and even pears – fruits packed with antioxidants. You should choose 100% juice for kids because the pulp from organic fruits and vegetables contains more fibre and nutrients than the juice. (The pulp is the green part of the fruit.)

The easiest way to get kids to drink their veggies is to drink their juices in little glasses. Put a bunch of small glass glasses filled with water inside their favourite juice maker. Then give them one of those little bottles with the snap-on top. This way, your kids will be more likely to drink their juices because they don’t think about washing them off before consuming them.

Kids can also benefit from using juicers and juice mixers. These appliances make it easier for you to add the juice to their mixtures if they don’t want to drink it straight. Of course, when juice makers aren’t available, you can always make your juices for your kids. Vegetable juices and fruit juices are healthy, too, so you need to make sure you include them in your kids’ healthy diet plans – just like you need to make sure your kids are eating healthy too!

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