Bikini Body Workout Tips

In this bikini body tips article, you will learn a few techniques that can help you get the desired results that you want. I am sure that many of you have tried them all but not always had the same positive responses. It could be that you did not use the correct methods or at least did not apply them correctly.

To get your bikini body workout started you should start with some cardio

You can either run or bike, but if you are going to do both then you should go for an average of about a half-hour for each exercise. You want to get your heart rate up and begin to burn calories fast. To tone your abs and strengthen your core, you should do at least 12 reps of each abs exercise, such as bent-over rows, knee-ups, and single arm rows.

For the bikini body workout, you will do other exercises for your abs, obliques, and lower back. Some examples of these would be some lat pull downs with a medicine ball or chin-ups with a dumbbell. You will also do some dead lifts and squats. As for your right leg exercises, you will do some more than sit-ups with a ball. For example, you will do some standing cable kicks and some more cardio-type workouts for your right leg. This is the time to note what exercises you are doing that is causing you to flare up your right leg, so it will be easier to switch to the other leg exercises once you feel better.

The next part of your bikini body workout will be deadlift style workouts

You will use a barbell to do the deadlift and work out one end for eight reps and the other end for four reps. Both ends should be touching and you should not use any weight. Start with only enough weight for one rep, and again you should do a twelve rep deadlift for your second set. The best thing about doing deadlifts is that you can switch between using the left and right sides, which will create more balance and keep your body in balance.

You should also add in a bikini body building diet plan to burn those calories that you are not burning off. When you eat food, your metabolism will raise so that you will burn calories no matter what you are doing. The same holds when you are doing workouts. So remember that when you are creating your bikini body workout plan, you need to have a high protein diet.

You will want to add in three to five cardio exercises for each set you do

Choose something that you like and can easily follow. Three to five cardio exercises for each set is all it takes to get you on your way to a killer body. Remember that you need to use three to five reps for each set to get the most out of your exercises. If you try to do six reps with a set, you will just be cheating yourself out of great results. Also, make sure that you change from hard to easy read to not become bored with the workout.

These are just a few tips that will help you get started on the right path to a killer bikini body workout. Remember to stay focused and do not let anything distract you. The more you exercise, the better you will look and feel. The secret to getting the abs you want is to focus on the abs and do various exercises. If you stick to your routine, you will start to see results in no time.


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