Fitness and Lifestyle With Juice Therapy

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The final motive of this research was to test the direct association between organic lifestyle parameters (i.e., physical activity (PA), screen time (STD), fitness level, food habits) and mental health-related quality of life (hrqolite). The initial study was also designed to test the hypothesis that the effects of PA and STD did not differ when participants took their natural diet instead of using commercialized PA diets. The study involved a sample of kindergarten children in a South Indian primary school. The two groups compared health behaviour and demographics. They also examined health outcomes for a selection of school children in a rural Indian school.

For the sample of South Indian school children, the intervention procedure was a threefold one:

  1. They changed School snacks, and the daily meal menu featured non-gourmet (non-organic) fruits, vegetables, legumes and seeds.
  2. The school kitchen table served a more significant proportion of meals. The juice list changed from traditional non-vegetarian/rice-based juices to include fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts.
  3. They added fresh vegetables to the daily meal routine at school.

They held a subsequent investigation following the same procedures; with a control group (nontoxic children), a high-risk sub-group (high Pb intake) and a low-risk sub-group with normal Pb levels (average Pb level).

Healthy controls had significantly lower HRQl scores than those with abnormal PA, ST and NPV scores. The comparison of the control group with the high-risk sub-group indicated significant improvements (p =.01). The main finding was that the juice drink had a substantial effect on the body’s overall functioning. The children in the high-risk group but not in the regular or low-risk groups who drank the juice regularly showed more impaired verbal and mental function, imperfect memory, slower response times and slower reaction times in cognitive tests. These children appeared to be “zapping” their internal toxins through the process of ingesting the fruit and vegetable juice regularly.

Healthy controls (no evidence of adverse nutritional status) that drank fruit juice showed significant body mass index, fat mass, and body weight improvements. The association between the daily consumption of vegetables and liquid and changes in body weight was important for both sexes. Healthy participants who only occasionally attended a juice party did not improve body mass index or weight. The fact that the juice beverages were served hot rather than cold may account for the improved body temperature experienced by healthy participants, although this was not statistically significant.

The results of the current study are motivating. However, these preliminary findings should be supported by more extensive research. One should keep in mind that no juice beverage is considered a complete nutrient source, including vitamins and minerals. Further research should focus on examining the impact of organic vegetables and fruit on total health. Drinking fresh juice is still an enjoyable alternative to regular meals. Still, fruits and vegetables may gain additional benefits such as improved energy, clearer skin, a more muscular immune system and better digestion. 

It has been recommended that they should not replace the juice with a processed smoothie or milk-based products. Several blends are available, but the best juices are still freshly extracted without added sweeteners and are free of pesticide residues. Organic vegetable blends such as kale and bok choy contain proanthocyanidins, which are known, cancer protectors. The juice is also suitable for you and contains essential vitamins A, C, E and K. You can easily find organic juices at health stores and online. Research into the health benefits of organic juices is ongoing and more studies on cancer, and other diseases are needed to validate the potential benefits.

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