Healthy Food And Drinks From The Organic Kitchen

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Sales of organic food and beverages rose 25 percent in the past 17 months to the end of August, driven primarily by an urge for more healthy eating to improve health, increase disease resistance, improve the likelihood of surviving an illness, and increase lifespan. These organic drinks and juices can be an excellent addition to your diet to help your body is as healthy as possible at all times. These products promote weight loss, promote natural healing, promote better circulation, promote greater bone strength, support digestive functions, increase energy levels and vitality, fight free radicals, and contain vitamins and minerals beneficial for your body.

Organic smoothies are now offered by many health-conscious restaurants and cafes nationwide. Even some fast-food corporations are getting on the organic bandwagon. Many of their menu offerings directly provide fruits, vegetables, and “diet” items such as salads, wraps, soups, or chicken salads (though many still use white meats). A quick look at these fast-food menus will reveal some ingredients common not only in organic smoothies but in most all organic menus: apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, lettuce, peas, mushrooms, spinach, and zucchini. If you’ve never tried an organic menu item at a fast-food restaurant before, it may seem strange to combine fruits and vegetables with regular food.

There are several things you can do to create healthy restaurant dishes for the entire family. Choose simple yet tasty dishes that everyone can enjoy, like burgers and hot dogs, and avoid adding high-calorie sauces or toppings. Try serving non-fattening entrees, such as wraps and salads, instead of calzones and pizzas. You can also make a fun and tasty drink like a jalapeno pepper milkshake for parties.

Of course, you can also prepare organic smoothies in your blender. Use frozen fruits and ice cubes for thickened smoothies like the one from the Norwich Nut Green Smoothie. Using a blender is much less time consuming than using a juicer, and you’ll find that it’s easier to control the thickness of the smoothie. If you’re creative and have some extra ingredients on hand, you can even create nutritious milkshakes or other drinks.

Even though many organic juices sold today are fruit juices, there are still a few non-fruits sold in these stores. There are organic juices sold in stores and premium nutrition clubs. Some restaurants have started selling green juices and smoothies at community events. Look around your local grocery store and ask the produce manager if they offer organic juices and smoothies. Even if they don’t, you might be able to score one from the organic section.

One of the most popular organic juices sold today is lidojuice from Norfolk, Virginia. It’s made with coconut oil, which is an excellent source of healthy fats, and it has a hint of banana flavor. It’s loaded with antioxidants, which will help fight off free radicals in your body. You can get organic lid juice at Hampton Market, Walmart, and many grocery stores, but it is sold by prescription. It would help if you had a doctor’s prescription to buy lid juice, so be sure to ask your doctor first.

Another healthy drink you can buy is hibiscus tea. It’s made from an extract of the hawthorn flower. Hawthorn is an excellent detoxifier and can cleanse the liver and colon. Since most people don’t like the taste of hawthorn tea, you can buy artificial supplements instead. A liquid protein drink like Protica Lite is an alternative to hibiscus tea, an excellent health supplement.

If you want a healthy food and drink to power up your workouts, consider buying an organic juice or smoothie. Smoothies are a great way to get more vitamins, protein, and antioxidants into your system throughout the day. There are many different kinds of smoothie recipes available online, so you can find one that suits your tastes and goals. Try blending carrot, cucumber, banana, ginger, spinach, kale, beet greens, vanilla, peanut butter, almond extract, and olive oil for a nutritious and delicious smoothie.

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