Healthy Meal And Kids Love It Too

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Are you looking for a healthy meal and kids recipe ideas? Then you have come to the right place. A meal with kids does not necessarily need to be boring, especially when you add healthy ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, juices and smoothies. You can make your children eat healthy by including their favourite fruits and vegetables. It is better to get them to eat vegetables and fruits that they enjoy than to force them to eat something they do not like. Also, it is easier for your children to enjoy fruit or vegetable if you can make it a little bit more interesting to eat than just eating it raw.

A healthy meal for kids can consist of anything you can put in a pan, primarily if you use a non-stick pan. Some healthy meal ideas for your kids include freshly made pav bhaji, an Indian vegetable dish. You can make this healthy meal with a creamy vegetable and rice pilaf, or you can steam or boil the pav. If you are using a non-stick pan, you can cut the vegetables and rice into small pieces and spread them on the pan. Add some green peas, turmeric, fried onions and coriander leaves, and you are all set.

Another healthy meal idea for kids is a traditional Indian chicken or beef chappati. Chappatis or buns of Indian bread are made from wheat flour. When you fry them, try to stay away from the oil; olive oil or clarified butter makes it soggy and difficult to hold onto the shape of the dough. Instead, you can use a little clarified butter or a teaspoon of lemon oil. Use a non-stick frying pan for cooking your chappatis, and when they are almost set, add your green peas and finely chop them. Serve warm with your curried greens.

An all-time favourite Indian dish is Phulkas or pulav or 7char-grilled chicken. You can make this tasty meal with a pureed piece of chicken cooked in a red hot or chargrill pan. Cook the chicken in its juice with its skin on or remove the skin while cooking, add some coriander leaves, cumin and turmeric powder, cover for about twenty minutes and serve with your homemade curried salad or tandoori roti.

The all-time favourite Makhani or butter-fried shrimp can be made much healthier than the traditional butter or cream fried shrimp. First, you need to use a Makhani or Indian flat iron. Place some butter or cream or ghee to the Makhani or grill pan and quickly place the shrimp into the irons, frequently turning so that the butter does not burn and stick to the bottom. Brush the top with ghee to seal the shrimp and cook for approximately two to three minutes on each side.

A famous south Indian cuisine known as Phulkari is a spicy marinade cooked on the Tandoori grill. This marinade is perfect for chicken, pork, beef and even fish. To make this delicious marinade, you can use a traditional metal Tandoori grill pan with thin slits on the sides to allow the marinade to cook correctly. It is not only healthy but fun to make too. Add some fresh cilantro, mint, and chilli powder to the Tandoori and light up your family night at home by using this quick and easy recipe to make your kids and food guests mesmerized with the beautiful aroma and flavours of their choice.

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