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Herbal skin care is the skincare that uses the natural power of plants to cure, prevent and alleviate disorders and diseases. Herbal skincare produced by a professionally certified practitioner who has formally completed formal education in herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., is based on using the inherent principles and science of nature. Proper herbal skincare only uses pure whole-plant substances in its formulation to effectively balance and improve their therapeutic effects on human skin. It is a highly specialized form of skincare that has gained immense popularity among women and men. It is a very safe method to treat any skin disorder.

The herbal skin care series starts with its flower essence. Flowers like camellia, jasmine, lavender etc., are used in various ways to add beauty and fragrance to our lives. There are different varieties and flavours of these flowers and their oils. The flower essence of various plants such as Aloe Vera, Aloin, Echinacea etc. is used for skin beautification and treatment. These plants not only provide freshness but also promote strong immunity, healing powers and rejuvenation.

Rosemary leaf extract is another crucial component of herbal skin care. This leafy herb is known for its anti-inflammatory property, which makes it a great skin moisturizer. It is also an excellent alternative for cold and cough medication and pain killers. To make soap, grind the fresh leaves and flowers to make a fine powder.

Lavender oils are another crucial botanical skincare course ingredient. You can use lavender for various medicinal purposes. Body care products such as soaps and creams also use this oil. Apart from these, you can add lavender to make an excellent personal or home remedy for all sorts of body conditions such as sunburns, boils, insect bites, insomnia and migraine headaches.

You can combine Tea tree oil and Rosemary leaf  to make an excellent mask. For acne-prone skin, grind Rosemary, and tea tree leaves to make a mask and apply the mask twice a day before washing the face. This mask works by killing the bacteria on the skin surface and also removes excess oil from the skin.

Another famous herbal ingredient, Chamomile is used in various types of skincare products. You can treat several skin conditions, including acne by it. To make the cream, mix chamomile and cream made of milk or glycerin. Apply the mixture over the acne infected areas to get rid of the bacteria that causes acne. Some products also use chamomile leaves in place of glycerin to give the cream an extra deep and soothing feeling.

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