How to make your kid active and healthy?

How to make your kid active and healthy? post thumbnail image

What makes your day as a parent? Seeing your kid healthy every morning. Apparently, the health of a child is always the biggest concern of a parent. At this age and time, we are surrounded by life-threatening diseases giving all the more reasons to take extra care of your child’s health. Owing to modern technologies and lifestyle, physical activities have way less than actually required. Amidst all this, the question stands what could genuinely help in keeping your child healthy and active? The answer is simple – increasing physical activity and a healthy diet. Well, as simple as it sounds, the execution or implementation is equally difficult. Let’s start with healthy eating in children and then we will move on to an active lifestyle of a child. 

Organic Eating, Healthy Eating

We are all familiar with the concept of organic food and its advantages. However, there is marginal yet additional merit when given to a child. In research it was found the children on an organic diet drops the amount of pesticide clearance in just a few days. With organic food, they will understand and appreciate natural variants in texture and flavour in their food. Here are a few tested tricks to make your child eat healthily. 

Picky eaters, no more a problem: Parents with children who are picky eaters have extra difficulty in handling their eating tantrums. The problem escalates when the food is organic and not junk. This is what you can do: 

  • Involve your kid while food preparations or selection. 
  • If you have a garden let your kid participate. 
  • Let them go grocery shopping with you and ask them to pick a new vegetable or fruit every day. 

Nutrition locked in lunch boxes: Packing a lunch box with organic food can be challenging. At school, kids see their peers with all sorts of fun food (junk food) which might refrain them from eating healthy. This is what you can do: 

  • Organic granola bars and other such items can be replaced with candies or chocolates. 
  • Replace snacks with organic fruits. 
  • Add reward food like organic granola bars with their food. 

Fun time is mandatory in the day time:

Keeping kids active is now a parent’s job. There is no one to blame but the radically advancing world. Here are some tips to keep your kid active. 

Build healthy routines: Routine is a key to keeping your child healthy and active. Drawing a systemic schedule and adhering to it will develop a sense of discipline in your child. This habit will help your kid to understand meal times, studying period, and time for physical activity. 

Active indoor and outdoor toys: There are many options available in the market these days for both indoor and outdoor games. Keeping in mind the activity should be physical, stay away from electronic toys. Also, trying picking toys that need group involvement. This will help your child in making friends and understand the team spirit. Needless to say, kids are smarter and sensitive than they look. 

Be a role model: Children are surrounded by family for most of their growing years. They idealize their parents and siblings. If the family exhibits healthy habits they will automatically pick them. An active parent can always influence the child to follow in their footsteps. 

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