Tips For Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce Stores

Instagram is a great way to share current marketing trends with your customers while promoting your products for eCommerce store marketing experts. However, there are so many business owners who do not yet know the proper way of using this social networking site for boosting local business sales. Some even fail to see the importance of using a site such as Instagram to promote their store’s products. According to the Instagram Marketing Institute data, there are almost two hundred and twenty million active users on Instagram. This website is not only an excellent place for sharing photos and videos; it also provides a platform for businesses to connect with their local customers.

Get Started: Creating a profile is the first step in leveraging the power of Instagram for food business marketing. You can do this free of charge. To get started, you will need to upload a picture of your local area and caption it with a relevant quote or keyword. You can also opt to add an image of your products. Make sure that you’re posting images that accurately represent your product so that consumers can identify what they’re buying easily.

#hashtag: tagging images and content on Instagram will help you spread the word about your store and its products. However, remember to use hashtags that will help consumers find your brand more easily. For instance, a food-related hashtag on Twitter would become “foodies,” “foodies near me,” “foodies near #hashtag. ” Use these hashtags on your Instagram posts and photos so that readers can quickly find your brand.

Post Photos regularly: Nothing says local like a great photo

Instagram marketing works best when you share photos of your products on a regular basis. If you go to a local farmers market on a Saturday morning, post a shot of the produce on your Instagram page within minutes of the market’s end. If you go bowling on a Tuesday, caption a shot of the game or the score with “tweet if you like. ” For other local activities, tag photos from events that your customers can get behind. For example, tag photos from happy customers at a local business’s promotion or trade show.

Work With Fans: Since Instagram is a community that allows you to interact with followers and friends, it’s an excellent place to promote your store. If you have a popular account with more than two hundred thousand followers, invite followers to join your account and tag their photos with the #brand. Start the process by asking for followers who’d like to be part of your community. Once you have their approval, you can start posting photos and promoting your store. Don’t forget to mention your products when you’re tweeting at fans. People will be impressed by your level of expertise and want to help out.

Keep Connected: As an Instagram marketer, you should always be connected to your local community. Make sure you post photos from local events like festivals and parades so your customers can see what’s going on in your city. You can also announce promotions and specials at local stores, cafes, or restaurants using the #brand. The same goes for promotions of products you’re selling.

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