Toddler Food Allergies and Nutritious Meals for Your Toddler

Toddler Food Allergies and Nutritious Meals for Your Toddler post thumbnail image

Kids’ food doesn’t always have to be healthy. There are many healthy and delicious ways for kids to enjoy fruits, veggies, and even meat today. And while most kids love pizza and other ready-made meals, there are some great easy options for preparing meals that are both good for them and good for your budget for those with fussy eaters. Here are some healthy and budget-friendly ways to help satisfy those kids who are picky about their food:

Veggies. Fresh vegetables are the favourite of every kid. It’s fun to chop up veggies and serve them in salads and side dishes at mealtime. Serve a light and flavorful salad with mixed vegetables and choose one with a mild, low-sodium dressing. Some kids (but not too many) will even enjoy carrot and cabbage as a healthy veggie meal.

Deli Meat. If your kids aren’t into deli meatloaf, you can still incorporate this healthy option into your kid’s meals without too much guilt. Ask the kids to help dice and mince some vegetables, and add some spice to their meatloaf by tossing in some olives or dill. One should teach kids about the dangers of grease (and trans fats) on their bellies.

Roasted Peanuts and Crumbled BBQ Chicken. If your child loves roast chicken, you can introduce them to some healthier versions at mealtime with roasted chicken. One can serve roasted chicken as a main dish, or you can use it in tacos, wraps, pasta salads, and even potato chips. Make sure you use the highest quality of meat, and don’t forget the seasonings. Your kids will love these new flavours, and you’ll notice an improvement in their behaviour.

Prepared Foods. Have your kids’ meals served on trays or platters instead of just traditional plates? Kids are more likely to eat if you serve food they are interested in, which looks appetizing. You can easily do this by performing various fresh vegetables or fruits on their plates instead of just a few choices such as chips or cheese.

Kids who are picky eaters will appreciate learning to embrace new foods if you get creative with your meal planning. It will also help you to discover new tastes and discover fresh foods from new places. Remember to nurture your kids by making sure that each meal is equally nutritious and not just packed with various tasty fillers. By doing this, you are certain that your toddlers grow up with healthy eating habits.

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